The Coolest Story

As with all great adventures it starts with a dream, add determination, a cast of clever characters all working together to realize the mission and what you get is a very Cool story.

At Cool, we believe that our greatest advantage is the people and with the steady leadership of our Chairman, we have lovingly built the coolest team of nearly 1000 people working and growing together.

These carefully nurtured symbiotic relationships have allowed us to expand from a single gas station in Saint Ann’s Bay Jamaica, to a multi-national company dominating several industries including petroleum, micro-finance, e-commerce, retail, media services, security, transportation and recycling.

We are a family of diverse people and brands catering to the diverse markets we serve. Our multi passionate outlook has meant that in 25 years we have developed 50 companies within Jamaica, the Caribbean and parts of North America.

The Cool adventure continues as we explore more ideas, opportunities and partnerships locally, regionally and globally that will allow us to better serve the rest of the world.

The Coolest Brands

Joe’s Diner

Whether its working hard or taking time out for a quick bite we always find a way to keep it cool.