Vivienne Shakespeare-Reynolds

Managing Director, CoolMarket, Cool Loans & Coolbiz


Vivienne joined the Cool team in 2001, and over her almost twenty year tenure she has developed and honed her incredible mind bending skills. Her speciality is removing obstacles with just the power of thought. Her intrinsic drive has helped her rack up quite an impressive resume of wins as a leader, planner and strategic leader of three of the most innovative Cool brands.

A Jill of Many Trades, her superpower is the ability to turn nothing into something. That resourcefulness has led to the successful launch and management of CoolMarket — Jamaica’s first, largest and most trusted e-commerce marketplace.

A respected thought leader and intrapreneur she credits her successes to God, The Group Chairman, her family and the support of a dynamic multinational team, “the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, we all have to pull together to get things done”.

Vivienne earned ​her Masters in Business, from Nova South Eastern University, South Florida.

Fun Facts

  • Vivienne, is known on LinkedIn as the eCommerce Evangelist sharing her enthusiasm and unique insights on the industry.

  • She has been ​hailed as a phenomenal woman by the Flair Magazine published by the Gleaner

  • Is a motivator who spends her time talking to and encouraging young people to doggedly pursue their passions

  • She is an avid outdoors woman who plays tennis, netball and enjoys other vigorous activities with friends and family

Currently Reading

Unlocking High Performance – Jason Lauritsen