Philmore Johnson

Chief Technology Officer


Philmore Johnson is a certified Geek and proud of it. His passion for IT peaked in his early years and at 16 he was teaching himself how to code. Twenty years on, and he is now a highly respected database developer, architect and design expert.

Joining the team in 2003 this focused and diligent strategist has played a monumental role in the growth and expansion of the Cool Group into new marketplaces and has helped the team realize some of its biggest corporate goals and objectives.

His stellar record at Cool reads like a soundtrack of greatest hits, to include the successful management of multimillion dollar projects, the development of sophisticated applications and integrated IT environments, acquisition management and multinational IT team leadership.

Philmore is a big believer in balance and to achieve it one must be disciplined, as such his personal mantra in life and in business is that “everything falls apart without discipline”.

Philmore graduated from Prospect College with an open scholarship which he used to gain his Certification as a Microsoft Systems Engineer. Over the years he has developed his technical competencies and is now well-versed in the Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems: heterogeneous hardware and network architectures; and is knowledgeable in a variety of firewalls, routers, switches, and PBX systems.

Fun Facts

  • Philmore is a hobbyist musician who plays the bag-pipes and trumpet

  • Philmore’s genius is powered by coffee

  • Admires Winston Churchill and Dr. House

  • He enjoys a robust conversation about Geo politics and history

  • His favourite poem is Invictus by William Ernest Henley

Currently Reading

Good to Great : Why Some Companies Make the Leap … And Others Don’t by Jim Collins