It all started with a single gas station in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. 10 years, 27 companies and 400 employees later, “Cool” generates revenues in excess of US$500 million.

Cool is one of the most respected brands in all Jamaica. Customers associate our products and services with an authentic, edgy yet trendy attitude and way of life you rarely find outside the Caribbean—laid back, island-friendly and fun.

Here, people spend nearly as much time with the Cool brand as they do their own families. They fill their cars with gas at the Cool Oasis. They buy prepaid talk-time from Cool Card vendors. And when they get home after a long, hot day they turn on a Cool Wind air-conditioning unit. Our interests range from petroleum, telecommunications and financial services to manufacturing, retailing and entertainment.

At Cool, we’re extremely serious about our business. But we’re also serious about having fun and keeping it cool. The Cool Corp business model is similar to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, with a variety of entities operating in different sectors and markets, but with a consistent brand attitude and feel.

Each new Cool Company strengthens the entire family. That’s why we’re constantly looking for the right opportunities to grow our brand and bring the cool lifestyle to customers beyond the Caribbean.

If you’d like more information about partnering/investing with the Cool Corporation, please contact us for additional information.

Feel free to look around the site. We’re sure you’ll find something cool.