Cool Oasis is the genesis of Cool. It all started with a single gas station in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, back in 1995. Now, Cool Oasis is the most recognizable gas station chain on the island.

The Cool Brand look is unlike any other chain on the island. And we go to great lengths to make sure it stays that way. Our entire look is protected by trademark—from our unique typeface to our proprietary colors.

Our commitment to providing clean and friendly service despite the steady flow of traffic through our stations is what separates us from the competition. That and our vibrant colors and landscaped grounds. If you’re filling up on the weekend, you might find a bridal party having their photos taken in the garden. Happens all the time, if you can believe that. At a gas station! Then again, Cool Oasis stations are far more than gas stations. They’re laid-back stops for modern-day travelers that completely live up to the Oasis name.

Our investment in beautification has proven to be an effective tool time and again. In fact, newly branded Cool Oasis stations witness a near-immediate sales increase of about 20%—even with static fuel prices and the presence of multinational competitors. And with 32 distinctly branded Traveler’s Havens and depots as of Fall 2007, plus the recent purchase of all 59 Shell gas stations on the island, the Cool Corporation is now the largest distributor of fuel in Jamaica.

Now that’s cool.