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Direct Flex – a Cool Digicel Idea

Digicel customers can now look forward to a new and exciting feature; Direct Flex is the newest and best thing in the prepaid calling card industry. Digicel is staying ahead of the competition by implementing the latest technology and at the same time creating greater convenience for their customers at no extra cost.

Diect Flex offers personalized service and eliminates the need for unnecessary and inconvenient labor. Direct Flex operates easily from a plastic personalized top-up card that every Digicel customer is eligible to receive. This card can be described as a ‘credit card for your phone’ and once you receive your own personal Direct Flex card all you have to do the next time you need credit is find a Cool Card terminal, swipe and carry on with the rest of your life. Of course your initial response will be… Cool. And that is exactly what Direct Flex is all about and you can easily obtain a card by signing up at a Cool Card location or any Digicel outlet.

At these locations, within five minutes customers will have their swipe cards registered to their personal Digicel mobile phone. Afterwards the next time they need to add credit to their Digicel phone they just simply go to their nearest Cool Card retailer. Since Direct Flex uses an actual swipe card it can only operate from electronic terminals just like Cool Card’s eye catching on the counter models. Plus with Direct Flex, credit can be acquired from any card denomination you need from $100 – $1,000 and all it requires is just an easy swipe of your card and then having the amount automatically added to your account.

Like any other purchase you will receive a printed receipt with your confirmation number and as long as it was bought from a Cool Card terminal keeping the receipt is mandatory if you want to be eligible for the ‘Cool Card Win $10,000 A Day Draw.’ Therefore Cool Card customers need not worry about not receiving vouchers when they purchase credit through Direct Flex as the printed receipt will carry the serial number of cards purchased.

Direct Flex therefore makes the process of obtaining credit for your phone a whole lot easier.

First of all there will be more long numbers to enter thus reducing the room for mistakes. Additionally Direct Flex also gives you the opportunity to top up accounts for friends and family. So ladies you can just leave your Direct Flex cards with “Mr. Who ever” and have him add credit to your phone no matter where you are. In this fast pacing world Direct flex just gives us one less thing to worry about. Gone are the days when women had to ruin a perfectly good manicure just trying to scratch off the back of a card to get the pin number, gone are the days when we had to wait for the automated operator to talk us through the monotonous process of inserting pin numbers. Who has time for that? This new service seems idiot proof which means it’s really easy to understand plus by January 2004 all Direct Flex cards will work on every Cool Card terminal so you never have to worry about where to recharge. Cool Card already has over 400 locations island wide and will be expanding to the 1000s in the near future, with this in mind Direct Flex users can be assured of easily finding terminals.

This novel idea will have everybody looking and more importantly feeling smart about buying prepaid calling time. With is trendy design, quick and personalized activation the Direct Flex cards are guaranteed to make every Digicel customer feel slick and professional. For more information please call 1-888-Digicel or 1-888-COOLCARD.