Were you aware? Have you ever seen those terminals at the gas station or Pharmacy where you buy credit? Have you ever noticed at the terminal your credit costs $120, but on the street the paper card cost $130? You pay less at a Terminal. Did you know the person who owns the gas station or pharmacy makes money when you buy a card because they are a merchant? Would you like to make something when you buy that card? Here’s what most people don’t realize. The persons that install the terminals also make money, even though they don’t do the sales and are not even around… That Person is called the distributor. Can you imagine if you had been the one to setup all those gas stations and pharmacies with those terminals? Where would you be if you even made 1% of all those credits? Did you know there is over a billion dollars of credit bought every month? You already buy credit. How many others do you know that buy credit too??

What if you could be the gas station?

  • Save money
  • Make money
  • Set up other terminals
  • Make a % of those terminals

What a gwaan?

  • Where are you financially?
  • Where do you want to be?

What a gwaan for you?

  • No qualifications?
  • Working forever and not getting ahead?
  • Tired, bored, frustrated?
  • Not enough money?

What if there was another way?

  • No qualification
  • No money needed
  • No Bosses, No quotas

Start a new path

  • Work when you want to
  • Put technology to work for you